The Cure for Dental Difficulties: Whip Mix Case Study

Posted by Uvitron International on Aug 16, 2021 10:43:00 AM
Whip Mix CaseStudy

Whip Mix is a familiar name in dental labs, schools and clinics. As a leader in the dental industry, the company provides practical solutions for dental professionals with its vacuum mixing equipment, model trimmers, ceramic pressing and firing ovens, waxes, die stones and more, including a complete line of digital CAD-CAM products. When they decided to begin formulating 3D printed resin to fabricate dental devices, they knew they needed the right provider of curing chambers.

Whip Mix Case Study

We know that every application is different, so we take time to understand each client’s requirements and goals. In this case, Whip Mix needed large UV curing chambers to accommodate customer demand and production needs. In addition, the chambers had to be biocompatible, features not typically achieved with low light intensity and limited wavelengths. If that weren’t enough, they also wanted to shorten the curing time and increase the capacity per curing cycle.

To learn how we met these challenges and exceeded Whip Mix’s expectations, download a free copy of our Whip Mix Case Study.

Download the Whip Mix Case Study

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